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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Accessible rehab clinic supply wall & counter storage cabinets

rehab clinic supply wall counter storage cabinetsPhysical rehab clinic supply wall and counter storage cabinets provide patient therapy area casegoods that those confined to wheelchairs can access. Systems have a built-in attractive and clean look, but still flexible enough to accommodate change. Facilities can relocate and re-purpose components to maximize use and save space during renovations. It ensures staff still have access to equipment and can continue delivering effective care to the injured while keeping up with workflow demands.

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Easy-to-clean patient therapy area casegoods maximize space

With easy to clean stackable drawers and table surfaces lower to the ground, the patient therapy area casegoods maximize space and allow the disabled to maintain independence. The phone sits near enough to the exercise table that users can reach it without discomfort. It enables those receiving treatment to summon help and have easy access to equipment that relieves pain during an emergency.

Durable rehab clinic supply wall & counter storage cabinets organize

patient therapy area casegoodsThe rehab clinic supply wall and counter storage cabinets have enough strength to keep valued resources safe and performing up to standard with every use. This includes everything from stability balls, hula hoops, and smaller items handled during therapy sessions. Taller units standing against the wall span from floor to ceiling to maximize the available vertical space. Systems have convenient pull handles on exterior doors that facilitate ergonomic access to resources organized on sturdy interior shelves. Shorter units, with the same-type handles on exterior doors, provide the same benefit to prevent user injury and ensure safer equipment handling during retrieval.

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