Record Center Consolidation with Condense Vault Storage Shelving Systems

condense vault storage shelving for record center consolidation

2.1 million mortgage records are consolidated and stored using condense vault storage track shelving for the mortgage division of a large financial services organization (View Condense Vault Storage Shelving Images). The record center consolidation included merging documents of three mortgage records centers into one large facility. They acquired an existing warehouse facility and incorporated space-efficient condense vault storage shelving to accommodate nearly 170,000 linear feet of files. “We moved over 6 million records from three facilities into one facility,” said the company’s vice president of document services. “With lease costs being a factor, we wanted a space-efficient condense storage method for storing our records.” The local Spacesaver® high-density shelving representative from Southwest Solutions Group®, worked with the Document Services group to design an efficient storage system to condense both collateral and credit documents.

Condensing Vault Storage

record center consolidation mezzanine vault storage shelving

Each loan serviced by the company incorporates both a credit file with loan paperwork and a collateral file, which contains original collateral documents. The collateral documents are kept secure in a fire-rated vault with limited security access for the life of the loan. Multiple motorized condense vault storage systems were incorporated into the vault, providing 40,400 linear feet of file storage. The systems helped to minimize costly vault space and freed up space in the record center warehouse for the nearly 11,700 linear feet of credit documents housed in motorized condense vault storage shelving and open shelf stationary shelving. “The condense storage shelving helped us reduce our floorspace requirements in the vault,” said the vice president.

Condense Vault Storage Shelving Reduces Space Requirements

record center consolidation mezzanine shelving

The powered condense vault storage shelving systems provide the capacity needed and ensure a safe work environment for the more than 40 file clerks working two shifts per day in the records center. The massive open record center stores the bulk of the files including all of the loan credit files. The records facility was designed to maximize vertical space by incorporating three-tier mezzanines for record storage. Condense vault storage shelving and stationary open shelving is used on the ground floor for file storage, while the top levels store archive record boxes. “When we selected a supplier for our condense storage shelving and mezzanine storage needs, we looked at the complete package,” the customer said. “We felt that the motorized condense storage shelving offered the best value, with good quality and pricing.”

Providing The Total Records Center File Solution

The record center consolidation included using terminal digit filing with bar code tracking. It incorporates its own internally-developed bar code tracking software and utilizes a Colorflex label print software system. With several thousands of new folders and labels generated a month, the record center produces labels on-site with label printers, as well as orders bulk factory-applied pre-labeled folders from Colorflex. The vice president expressed her appreciation for the service she receives from the local salesperson. “It is certainly a benefit to working with someone like Ron on a repeat basis,” she said. “He understands our business and our needs. Because of that, we get great service and response on our orders.”


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