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Last updated: May 03, 2016

Rail filing system with roller shelving

rail filing system roller shelving storageSafety, accessibility and space to store stuff are just three areas businesses must consider before getting themselves up and running. Achieve all that and more by taking the time to invest in a system that is designed for optimal user compliance and safety, the rail filing system rolling shelving storage. Operated one of three ways, either manually, by mechanical assist or using powered push-button controls, the system is built for safe operation and easy to use. Once set in motion, the mounted carriages of the rail filing system roller shelving storage press together, compacting into less space to produce additional storage capacity for your stuff. Learn more about the rail filing system roller shelving storage designed for optimal user compliance and safety. (Watch video).

Roller shelving storage for improved accessibility

Accessibility to whatever is stored inside the rolling shelving storage is not only improved, but regulated for enhanced security. This is because as the carriages condense and move closer together, excess aisles are no longer needed and, thus, eliminated. The floor space they once occupied is freed up and available for more productive uses. Accessing what you need when you need it is easy. The system user simply engages the carriages again and, as they move to the right or left to create an accessible aisle. The exact size and number of accessible aisles needed in a rolling shelving system can be easily customized to your unique requirements.

Roller shelving storage built for compliance & safety

designed for optimal compliance and safetyOptimal user compliance and safety concerns are taken into serious consideration when it comes to this roller shelving storage. In fact, the system can be equipped with a number of safety features that help keep it running at a standard, which allows for your business to be increasing productive. These include devices such as sweeps, infrared sensors that stop movement of the rolling shelving when triggered. There are even passive safety systems that require no conscious effort on the part of the user that can be added to the roller shelving to ensure workers remain free from injury, while wandering the aisles. Get the most out of your rail filing system, as well as some of your questions answered. (Watch video)

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services of roller shelving storage. We offer a free meeting with one of our sales engineers to measure your area and design a rail filing system for optimal user compliance and safety. To learn more or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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