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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Flexible resizable pullout drawers & racks with spill-proof shelf guards optimize space

museum heavy duty pullout drawersMuseum pullout drawers and racks with spill-proof shelf guards provide temporary fish collection storage flexible enough to allow permanent use. With an addition close to construction, a large natural history museum could upgrade its shelves. Everything would need to go elsewhere during the renovation, leading staff to reach out to experts. Read on to learn how specialists helped to solve the project's logistical challenges.

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The area slated to store and preserve samples on a short-term basis featured tall ceilings. The space that would serve as the specimens' forever home included lower ceilings and would have space-saving high-density carriages. So, the end solution would need to have a versatile design that could withstand resizing to these systems.

racks spill proof shelf guardsExperts manufactured heavy-duty pullout drawers, racks with spill-proof shelf guards and more flexible enough to withstand mounting on resizable spliced uprights. Staff would benefit from the system's use in many ways during renovation and later on, including:

  • Being able to fit it to compact mobile carriages and optimize collection space in the permanent location, like while using the short-term area.
  • Able to use the same shelving in either space, the museum saves time, money and natural resources.

Temporary fish collection storage safeguard sample integrity

temporary fish collection storageThe temporary fish collection storage design includes perforated shelving and shelf reinforcements flexible enough to allow efficient airflow. It eliminates dust, keeping stored samples clean and dry to safeguard integrity during researchers' analysis. Users can extend the heavy-duty pullout drawers into the aisle and have ergonomic access to stored specimens, ensuring safer handling during retrieval. Then, put it back to save space and keep the aisle clear to prevent injury. Other racks, designed with spill-proof shelf guards contain liquids, to eliminate sample contamination.

Watch a video that highlights how high-density compact mobile carriages save space

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