vertical Rotating Carousel for print cylinder storage

Storing Print Cylinders Vertically in Rotating Carousels is Easy and Efficient

Storing print cylinders can be challenging because of their size and shape. Also, the cylinders take up a lot of room and eat away at all your floor space. Print Cylinder Rotating Carousels store print cylinders vertically, saving floor space and providing easy and efficient access. Print Cylinder Rotating Carousels extend up to maximize unused overhead space, which saves floor space. In addition, the carousels rotate to bring stored print cylinders directly to the user for easy loading and unloading. (view images of specialized rotating carousels) Click here to learn more about motorized vertical carousels.

Print Cylinder Rotating Carousels Features and Benefits

Print Cylinder Rotating Carousels are very effective for organizing, accessing, and storing print cylinders. Here are just some of the features and benefits of the storing print cylinders vertically:

push button security keypad print cylinder rotating carousels are controlled by pushing a button

  • Ease of Operation: With the push of a button, the carousel will rotate to bring the desired print cylinders to the user.
  • Easy Loading & Unloading by One Person: The print cylinder storage hangers make loading and unloading print cylinders an easy job for a single individual.
  • Size Customization: The Print Cylinder Rotating Carousels can be customized to meet your exact storage needs for various sizes of print cylinders.
  • Safe Storage: The carousel’s storage hangers provide safe and secure storage of print cylinders.
  • Secure Storage: Security keypad requires a special code to be entered in to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Reduces Back Injuries: The carousel rotates to bring print cylinders to an easy to access level that is convenient for you.
  • Save Space: Storing print cylinders vertically recoups floor space for more productive and revenue generating operations.
  • Easy to Integrate: It’s easy to integrate the Print Cylinder Rotating Carousels with your production line.

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