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Last updated: December 01, 2016

Powered mobile storage with security doors for greater efficiency

powered mobile storage with security doorsWith the building of a new facility underway, the equipment manager for one university sports team took to coordinating the construction of powered mobile storage with security doors that organizes football equipment room with greater efficiency. The space being used at present had become much too cramped and disorganized. A lack of room to accommodate stuff made it impossible for the team to store everything they needed and used day in and day out. Trying to organize gear within the space was also just as difficult. This, of course, lead to inefficient use of the space available. Learn about how powered mobile storage allows for better use of space. 

Powered mobile storage allows better space usage

Luckily the equipment manager, who had been formerly exposed to storage solutions, knew exactly where to turn when looking to solve their problem with space. He wasted no time in reaching out to an expert storage representative for help. Given the desire to make as best of use of the space as possible, the representative worked closely with the university to create a comprehensive system that could do just that. Powered mobile storage with security doors that organizes football equipment room was, of course, the end result of the collaboration between the two. In addition to being fitted with the security doors, which keep items safe and free of dust, the system was equipped with 4-post shelves and oblique garment rails to ensure the efficient storage of apparel.

Powered mobile storage with security doors provides accessibility to playing gear

organizes football equipment roomEase-of-access to playing gear and facilitation of movement of the powered mobile storage with security doors is taken care of with assistance from a operational control push button. Pressing that button gives users immediate entry into its aisle ways, without any delay. A floor lock helps to ensure the security of the unit when not in use by way of a key controlled tumbler locking device mounted close to floor level that interfaces with the system's electric controls. With its installation and the ease-of-access it provides to stored equipment, staff have saved ample time and money. Read about how high density mobile shelving benefited another university football team suffering from a lack of space for storing playing equipment and gear. 

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