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Last updated: June 22, 2016

Athletics Gear & Medicine Storage

powered high density moble shelving athleticsFor universities, athletics storage can be a difficult challenge. That's why one university installed powered high density movable shelving that organizes athletics gear and sports medicine more efficiently and in less space than conventional shelving. Read on to learn how the university's varied items were stored in much less space than before, and click here to watch how the powered high density movable shelving works.

Powered Mobile Shelving Organizes & Saves Space

Sports items were stored in small, cramped spaces throughout the university's main athletics facility. With so little space available, athletes and staff had to cram their storage into any space they could find; this resulted in a disorganized storage system that was frustrating and wasting everyone's time. With no storage plan or area large enough to accommodate all items that needed to be stored, the university's expensive and valuable supplies and equipment were often difficult to find. This left them at risk for loss, theft, or damage. When the university funded a major renovation project, they athletics facility decided to rethink their storage.

organize athletics gear sports medicineTheir storage was consolidated into two central areas: one for football athletics gear and one for sports medicine. Once the physical space had been documented and all obstructions were accounted for, items were documented and a detailed storage plan was implemented that would allow the facility to continue to grow in the future. Stored items needed to be not only easy to find, but easy to put away and keep track of for the busy college athletes.

Given the limited space, usage patterns, and the facility's current and projected storage needs, a powered high density movable shelving system was deemed to be the focal point of both central storage areas. The shelves or other storage units are mounted on carriages, move along rails installed in the floor with the push of a button. This eliminates wasted aisle space and makes it easy for users to retrieve needed items. When the user needs to access stored items, they simply push a button on the electronic keypad to open an aisle at the point of need. This not only eliminated wasted space, but also allowed for more items to be stored in the same area, and provided a convenient and safe access point. Bins, hangers, steel pegboards, and other solutions were installed on the carriages to ensure that every item had a storage space. Click here for more information about what you can store in high-density movable shelving.

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