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Last updated: June 22, 2017

Power driven high density storage systems preserve history

power driven high density storageMuseums are in the business of preserving history. After all, it is history that helps us to understand where we came from. It is also a reminder of how the world came to be. So, when a museum in charge of safeguarding the past discovered a collection of rare literary gems - including precious recordings with details about U.S. history - were rapidly deteriorating because of the environment, they sprung into action to save them from being lost forever. This was accomplished by acquiring a combination of power driven high density storage systems and static four-post shelving solutions. Together, these storage solutions met very stringent requirements, which made it possible for the museum to remain a leader in paper-based archive preservation and conservation. Watch power driven high density storage systems dominate its competition in this head to head match up.

Power driven high density storage systems protect

These power driven high density storage systems put the museum's preventive conservation approach into action immediately. Since these systems are designed to work with existing applications, it integrated well with another system. This made it convenient for the preservation team to monitor and control the condition of the building where these irreplaceable, fragile items were kept.

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In addition to the environment, aspects such as fire protection, exposure to light, and security had to be taken into consideration and checked periodically. Precautions to prevent the rare objects from succumbing to deterioration were further helped by the fact that sections of these power driven high density storage systems were perforated. The perforated areas helped to ensure adequate air-flow was distributed throughout, reaching every object on each level of shelving. It also increases circulation of a clean-agent mist and warns against fires sooner.

Static four-post shelving solutions create space

static four post shelving solutionsBecause these systems compact just by pressing a button, museum staff were able to store the collection without exerting much effort. There was even room left over to incorporate a few static four-post shelving solutions to make full use of the million-dollar library space used to house the rare artifacts. And the shelving was handy, as it created additional storage space for valuable pieces to be displayed. Visit our online store for museum storage products.

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