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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Mobile plan inspection cabinets meet corporate productive & entertaining needs

portable architect tables blueprint storage baysPortable architect tables with blueprint storage bays provide mobile plan inspection cabinets flexible enough to allow multipurpose use. Experts can adapt separate shelving space with hinged doors to ensure it meets users' corporate entertaining needs. Keep serving supplies there to ensure convenient access and use during client receptions. Personnel can retrieve materials as needed without sacrificing productivity and execute proper hospitality protocol, allowing relationships to grow.

Ten reasons to choose modular millwork storage casegoods and cabinets.

Portable architect tables

mobile plan inspection cabinetsThe portable architect tables have blueprint storage bays with an open back and pass-thru design. It ensures users can access materials from either end to speed retrieval and save time during busier workdays. Personnel does not have to walk to the far side to extract rolled documents, making system use more efficient.

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Units have attractive oversize worksurfaces that allow enough knee space to accommodate up to 10 users. It enables personnel to add comfortable seating with space-saving mobile flexibility. The versatile solution includes dual wheel furniture casters that help simplify relocation to distraction-free areas. Colleagues collaborating on projects can then avoid feeling cramped and unable to work while cultivating partnerships.

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