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safety compliance with machine guarding

polycarbonate machine guarding protects employees from hazardous debris from machinesAn aerospace facility that designs and builds systems and components for aircrafts was having safety issues with regard to protecting their while walking through their plant. Their solution was polycarbonate machine guarding to protect employees from hazardous debris emitted by their machines.

polycarbonate machine guards provide full protection

One of the facility’s machines was projecting small particles of debris out into the facility personnel’s walk aisles. The polycarbonate machine guarding was designed to protect personnel from this debris while allowing them to also visually observe the machine through the guarding to ensure it was running properly. Though the majority of machine guarding consists of woven and wire mesh panels, the ¼” polycarbonate machine guarding panels were able to meet the facility’s specific needs.

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The panels effectively block any small debris that could injure personnel walking by the area that standard wire mesh panels would not contain. The guarding is also transparent so maintenance employees are allowed constant visual access to regularly monitor the machine to ensure it’s working efficiently and up to their specifications without having to expose themselves to hazardous debris. The panels easily bolt to the safety yellow powder coated frame that clearly marks the machine’s defined area and operating area for employees.

polycarbonate machine guards provide protection and visibility

The clean, simple design of the polycarbonate machine guarding is easy to install, and the 3/8” anchors hold each guarding post to the floor to make the system extra heavy-duty and sturdy. The panels are also aesthetically pleasing to both facility employees and facility visitors. Because of this, the aerospace facility was able to find an easy and maintenance-free solution that met all of their needs.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for polycarbonate machine guarding to protect employees from hazardous debris emitted by machinery while also providing visibility, and many other applications. You can also view and shop for polycarbonate machine guarding online at Wirecrafters®. For more information or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.