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Last updated: April 11, 2019

Police recruit office file folder wall shelving maximize footprint efficiency

police recruit office file folder wall shelvingExperts designed this police recruit office file folder wall shelving or officer candidate record storage to match taller, existing systems. It provides a more affordable and sustainable solution to putting functioning shelving out on the curb. Older units have a longer lifespan and the department creates an aesthetic look without exceeding budget constraints.

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The newer shelves would occupy an area not in use, helping promote footprint efficiency. It means the facility would not need to redesign the space to accommodate the new equipment. Rather, it could use what exists to accommodate the installation and still meet workflow needs.

The units stand against an empty area along the perimeter to maximize footprint efficiency. It matches others while allowing the department to put underused space to better use. Personnel avoids relocating older shelves to accommodate the installation, simplifying the process. Users have access to more shelf space and can keep inactive background check documents organized and safe.officer candidate record storage

Officer candidate record storage

All who use the officer candidate record storage have safe access to the floor since it stands against the wall. Units' open front allows efficient airflow, keeping the inactive materials clean during prolonged unproductive use. It provides comfort too, allowing employees to avoid injury during document retrieval. System dividers separate space to maximize use and keep documents organized to prevent loss.

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