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Last updated: March 11, 2019

Inmate property fire resistant code storage promote safety

prisoner contraband inspection bagsSoft-sided police prisoner contraband inspection bags provide inmate property fire resistant code storage designed to prevent users from possessing illegal items. Able to see through its clear top, jailers can spot anything illegal right away and confiscate it. Then, execute proper material handling protocol to keep everyone safe and prevent criminal behavior.

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Compatible with most shelving systems, the attractive red totes can lay flat and save correctional facilities space during nonuse. Detainees can use them to store and organize personal care items and maintain good hygiene while behind bars. Organized items secured inside avoid getting dirty and creating unsanitary conditions, keeping facilities clean. Units' soft-sided design protects stored items from getting damaged if dropped on the floor during transport.

Prisoner contraband inspection bags 

inmate property fire resistant code storageThe prisoner contraband inspection bags allow locking from users to keep organized personal items safe during storage and transport. Systems meet National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) standards and come in an attractive, easy-to-recognize red color. Units have a clear document sleeve on the front that allows users to review records in an instant. Its self-repairing nylon zipper secures with numbered seals or padlocks to prevent material tampering.

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