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A Point of Use Storage System Helps Eliminate Waste and Increase Productivity

A point of use storage system positions require resources at the site of production. The idea behind a point of use storage system is to eliminate waste and increase productivity by having everything immediately available to the operator performing the work. We offer many point of use storage systems, including Software Directed Horizontal Carousels for small parts picking. Software Directed Horizontal Carousels are designed to reduce the time workers spend searching for parts and increase the productivity of small parts picking. (view images of Software Directed Horizontal Carousels)

Software Directed Horizontal Carousels Speed Up Small Parts Batch Picking

Point of Use Storage System for batch small parts picking with horizontal carousels

Batch picking with Software Directed Horizontal Carousels located at the point of use, will increase productivity and efficiency for your facility. Fulfilling multiple orders in batches instead of picking and fulfilling orders one at a time eliminates walking around searching for inventoried parts. Software Directed Horizontal Carousels increase productivity by processing several orders at one time using batch picking workstations. Parts are queued up in the computer system for the batch workstation operator. When the operator selects the first part to pick, the horizontal carousel automatically rotates for the first pick. Pick lights located on the horizontal carousel point to the shelf and indicate how many parts are needed. The operator picks the parts and distributes the correct quantities into each order tote bin and completes the transaction so the next parts can be brought to the operator. The Software Directed Horizontal Carousels located at the point of use enhance the speed and accuracy of processing up to six orders at one time. Click here to learn more about the 5 key benefits of horizontal carousels.

In batch picking operations, several Software Directed Horizontal Carousels are located together so when one pick is completed another machine is rotating to queue up the next selection, virtually eliminating operator dwell time. One company that recently invested in a Software Directed Horizontal Carousel point of use storage system for small parts picking was able to reduce their staff from 5 to 3 people due to picking efficiency.

Software directed carousel for Batch Small Parts Picking

Software Directed Horizontal Carousel Quick Hot Picks

From time to time the batch picking operator may need to make random picks called quick hot picks. To make a quick hot pick the operator simply pushes a button and the horizontal carousel rotates to deliver the part to the pick station. Once the hot pick part is delivered to the operator, they can easily transition back to the batch order process. The horizontal carousel’s ability to deliver hot picks speeds up the time to retrieve small parts without disrupting the batch picking process.

Efficient small parts picking with Horizontal Carousels

Additional Point of Use Storage Systems

In addition to the Software Directed Horizontal Carousel, we have several other point of use storage systems including,

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