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Last updated: April 11, 2019

Rotating veterans affairs hospital file cabinets save space

pivoting medical record storage

Pivoting medical record storage provides rotating veterans affairs hospital file cabinets that users spin 360-degrees within a compact footprint to save space. Personnel can go from accessing one side to the other and everything that each holds in moments, simplifying patient folder filing and retrieval. With more space than traditional lateral alternatives, staff can consolidate everything in one solution. Administrative offices in these facilities then have more convenient access to patient treatment plans and can bill everyone based on services rendered.

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Have experts install the systems against an empty wall, as the facility did here. It allows better space utilization along the perimeter to maximize efficiency. The departmental staff has safer access to the floor and avoid injury while operating units due to ergonomic foot pedals that facilitate movement.

Pivoting medical record storage locks preventing theft

rotating veterans affairs hospital file cabinetsUsers can lock the pivoting medical record storage with keys to prevent unlawful theft during nonuse. Interior components divide shelf space to ensure efficient use and keep active patient folders organized. When closed, configurations' solid sides provide a clean and attractive look. It allows facilities to keep patient health history from public view and maintain client confidentiality.

Watch a video that highlights how the pivoting medical record storage saves space.

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