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Last updated: July 06, 2018

Pipe & lumber racking with vertical storage compartments organize

pipe lumber racking vertical storage compartments long industrial parts standsSpecialized pipe and lumber racking with vertical storage compartments create long industrial parts stands durable enough to organize hard-to-store materials. This includes struts, threaded rods, and other items with a taller than average design. Systems have an all-welded steel design and up to three slots with efficient space to secure these valued items. Open rear areas allow proper ventilation to keep the stored stock from being damaged during storage.

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Inventory lies angled while leaning up against separate openings, creating instant organization. It ensures users have ergonomic access to stored items, allowing safer and more efficient handling. Valued stock avoids creating a safety hazard while stored in a corner on the floor which can accommodate more productive uses. Items maintain shape and escape damage, allowing facilities to safeguard material investments and save money on surplus waste.

Features for affordable long industrial parts stands

Users can even use the long industrial parts stands in pairs to store extra tall materials. Attractive system features that add value while keeping costs low include:

Construction: Racks feature all-welded construction with 14-gauge steel durable enough to ensure reliable service through the years.

Arms: Twelve 5-1/4" long arms create three vertical openings about 11" wide each. Bottom pan base which measures 36" wide x 24" deep includes a retaining lip to hold materials in place.

Weight Capacity: Systems can support 3,000 Lbs. in weight capacity.

Assembly: Units ship assembled to allow easier installation and faster use.

Finish: Powder coat gray finish provides an attractive and clean look.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Made in the USA

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