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Pick bins ensure double storage access & allow dividers to keep parts organized

containers wire shelving cartsQuick pick bins have a double hopper design that allows twice the storage access and can fit optional dividers that install many ways to keep parts organized. This arrangement allows users to create more efficient inventory control while optimizing space to maximize use. Units have the capacity to stack cross-wise or on top one another in a vertical capacity and can nest when empty to maximize space efficiency. Users can even install the containers on standard wire shelving or carts to create a solution with the increased versatility to save space and promote cleanliness.

System features such as double reinforced sides provide added strength and prevent the pick bins from spreading when stacked. Others like built-in stacking ledges allow users to stack the containers cross-wise or in a vertical capacity with secure ease. A molded label holder on the front and back of the bins allows easier part identification.

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Containers on wire shelves for space savings & ergonomic safety

Combining the containers on sanitary wire shelving would allow users to create a unique shelf package that provides double the access to stored items. It means more than one person could access the system at the same time, speeding order picking to maximize work output. Ergonomics and space efficiency combine, allowing the hygienic workstations to provide ultimate space savings while keeping users safe from injury.

Shelf systems measure 18"W x 36"L x 74"H and are available to order with or without a mobile kit. Their shelves can each support up to 800 lbs. in weight capacity. Users can add optional dividers that install front to back, side to side or both at the same time to separate the pick bins into four sections. Their use would mean users could create a secure barrier that prevents parts from mixing to ensure order.

Containers on wire carts ensure safe & efficient transportability

pick bins storage dividers parts stack cross nestThose who integrate the containers with mobile wire carts can pick from two or three shelf configurations which include swivel casters that provide safe and efficient transportability. The systems measure 18"W x 36"L x 37-1/2"H and assemble with ease to speed installation and use. Bins come in three colors that users can recognize with ease to speed inventory management, including blue, red and yellow.

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