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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Flexible phlebotomist cabinets with desktop organizers increase workflow efficiency

phlebotomist cabinets desktop organizersPhlebotomist cabinets with desktop organizers provide blood donor sample processing casegoods flexible enough to meet workflow needs. Should lab technicians need to expand the modular systems, they can do so through simple reconfiguration. During this time, users must disconnect solutions from an easy-to-attach mounting bracket. It provides optimal conditions to accommodate changes, including adding other need-based modules. Medical facilities, like this one, can then reuse the affordable units to help streamline productivity.

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Experts integrated models with an ergonomic accessory rail that uses vertical space to accommodate organizational components. This includes binder storage bins, document trays, and more that do not take up the workspace. It occupies little counter space, allowing staff ample clean and safe room to work. Personnel has convenient and comfortable access to organized supplies and can handle patient plasma withdraws in moments, increasing workflow efficiency.

Blood donor sample processing casegoods keep supplies organized & clean

blood donor sample processing casegoodsThe blood donor sample processing casegoods have an open design that allows efficient, clean airflow to reach supplies awaiting use. Personnel can retrieve stored materials without putting much stress on their body, avoiding injury. Use the interior shelf space to store and organize essentials that staff needs quick access to. Stack packaged materials two or four high to ensure peak space efficiency.

Organized items avoid getting covered with dust during storage, allowing clean and safe handling during retrieval. Stack medical gloves on the wall or in a separate storage compartment, as the facility did here. It ensures staff has access to protective equipment while working, helping prevent liquid contamination and infection.

Ten reasons to choose modular cabinets and storage casegoods

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