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Last updated: March 23, 2016

In-Patient Pharmacy Dispensing Carts

pharmacy narcoritcs dispensing cartHospitals are increasingly relying on automation to eliminate human errors that can cost thousands of dollars. Today, technology is an ever-present part of in-patient pharmacy settings. With so much to manage, proper storage and security is even more important now than ever. Pharmacy narcotics dispensing carts with keypad dual security for controlled substances does just this: stores and protects while allowing nurses to move freely and avoiding costly investments in computer carts or leased technology.

Medication Carts & COWs in One

Computers on wheels (COWs) are used by many hospitals, but many nurses find them inefficient and cumbersome. Some have replaced them with WOWs (workstations on wheels), but they do not offer the amount of protection and security required for pharmacy narcotics storage. The narcotics dispensing cart is an easy solution that allows a combination of laptop and medication carts, and meets everyone's needs for security, efficiency, transportability, ergonomics, and more.

In-patient pharmacies face multiple challenges, from patient safety to storage. When narcotics and other pharmaceuticals are stored and dispensed, the chain of custody has to remain intact or the hospital could face liability charges. There are many types of medicine carts available, but multiple factors set the pharmacy dispensing carts apart:controlled substances keypad dual security in patient pharmacy cart

  • Ergonomic arm with leash for holding laptops
  • Wheels for easy transportation so carts aren't ever left alone
  • More secure drawers to hold controlled substances with a double-locking system
  • Smart cart technology tracks who accessed the cart and when
  • Bins with side labels for easy identification
  • One or two bins can be assigned to one patient with 16 total bins in each cart
  • 30 second automatic lock-out
  • Scanner cradle for patient medication verification
  • Dual security access with HID badges or 4-digit keypad code
  • When dispensing medication to a patient, only their assigned bin needs to be pulled out while the rest of the bins remain locked and secure

Medical carts and crash carts are also available to buy online.

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