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Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Automated Storage

pharmaceutical raw materials finished products automated carousel storageStoring pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products require the highest standards of hygiene, security, and precision. Controlled automated storage and retrieval systems are designed to effectively meet each of these needs with a comprehensive solution that is ideal for clean rooms, hospitals, manufacturing, and more while also saving space and improving productivity. Click here to watch a video showing how controlled automated storage works.

Automated Controlled Storage for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The controlled automated storage solutions work by delivering requested items directly to the operator, which reduces or eliminates walk and search time. With climate control options such as chilling, air conditioning, and humidity control, automated storage systems can store anything from raw materials, perishable goods, sensitive materials, and finished products. The automated system allows operators to pick inventory quickly and accurately with automatic identification tools such as RFID chips, pick-to-light systems, and more. Since the storage machines also have a compact design, you will use less floor space compared to traditional static storage systems.

controlled automated storage pharmacy inventory vertical carouselAutomated storage systems also feature warehouse management software designed specifically for the management of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products with full precision. These interactions allow inventory management and access with almost one hundred percent accuracy. Additional features such as non-arching motors, low friction trays, and anti-explosion protection mechanisms also add valuable safety measures to the system.

The automated storage systems including vertical carousels, vertical lifts, and horizontal carousels can provide multiple benefits to any pharmaceutical operation, including:

  • Dust-free storage
  • Space savings
  • Modular design that is easy to reconfigure, relocate, or expand at any time
  • Climate control
  • Maximum precision
  • Protection and security
  • Improved inventory management
  • Efficient and accurate batch management

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