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Custom-made personal lockers facilitate better performance 

personal lockersOpportunities for a better quality of life are more accessible to people with disabilities than they were decades ago. This is because higher-education institutions have gone to great lengths to modify the services they provide to better accommodate the needs of the entire student population, from both an academic and recreational standpoint. When it was discovered their existing locker room was not accessible to its champion wheelchair basketball squad, one school, in particular, took recreational accommodations to a whole new level. They made personal lockers become high-functioning storage space accessible by wheelchairs for the entire team. This was easily accomplished because the university had the option to have the storage solution custom made to fit their needs. This meant they could design the space to meet specific requirements. And, that's exactly what they did.

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The new system featured a 46-inch tall locker body. This created space for a rack to accommodate the storing of players' spare wheels, which was wheelchair accessible. A configurable area located on the interior of personal locker featured hooks for easy and hassle-free hanging of items such as clothes and towels. There was also a space for the safekeeping of personal items. The locker room was not only now accessible, but a place that facilitated better performance from players. Visit our online store to purchase all types of lockers.

Personal lockers improve access to athletic gear & equipment

become high functioning storage space accessible by wheelchairThese personal lockers were made to become high-functioning storage space accessible by wheelchairs because they feature superior flexibility to accommodate the needs of its user in the most convenient way possible. It is what makes them so versatile. In the case of the athletic locker room at the university, improved access to the range of items stored there was achieved because the personal lockers were positioned at a height that made reaching for gear, equipment and personal items more manageable for the team. And a space that was once impractical was now made more efficient.

Personal lockers designed to protect

In addition, these personal lockers are designed with louvered doors. This feature helps to ensure air flow is not only regulated but that it reaches the items stored inside. Proper air circulation is important, because it helps keep items stored in small, enclosed spaces dry and free of mold and moisture. And, for extra protection, items of value are kept safe and secure behind doors that lock. Click here to see more athletic storage solutions.

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