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Last updated: May 04, 2018

Patient room supply closets reduce restocking noise & organize using max space

patient room supply closetsPatient room supply closets renovated into millwork cabinets with laminate shelves and bins reduce restocking noise while easing item organization and recognition. Their interior includes specialized components that adapt to allow cost-effective improvements which ensure maximum storage capacity and longer service life. Storage experts updated and added a similar attractive look to more than 100 spaces within the hospital, including supply rooms on each floor.

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The renovated millwork cabinets with laminate shelves and bins have a versatile rail component hidden behind neutral-color containers that minimize restocking noise. A simple and convenient one-piece design allows users to manage installation without tools or fasteners, making system integration easy. It allows users to modernize storage without spending too much to ensure extended use. Many accessories fit with flexible ease to accommodate present and future organizational needs. Each hangs from horizontal or sloped angles that promote ergonomic space efficiency to ensure full and comfortable use.

Patient room supply closets convenient to restock

renovated millwork cabinets laminate shelves binsThese patient room supply closets store assorted hospital inventory in one convenient place. From bath towels and bed linens to gauze pads and more, users have everything organized and within easy reach to administer efficient care. Easy-to-pull door handles on the exterior ensure quick and easy access in an emergency while labels ease restocking and help users find items faster.

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