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Last updated: February 01, 2016

Refrigerated Storage Specimen Racks

pathology lab refrigerated storage specimen racksA pathology lab had recently invested in a walk-in refrigerator and wheeled carts to store biological samples for medical testing, but the refrigerator quickly became crowded and the carts cumbersome to work with as the lab's business grew. The lab was in need of a safe and efficient solution for storing and retrieving their refrigerated samples while remaining functional in near-freezing temperatures. The refrigerated storage specimen racks and cabinets on tracks were the solution that allowed the lab to take back their space while meeting all of their storage needs. Click here to watch a video about how the racks and cabinets on tracks work.

Refrigerated Racks & Cabinets on Tracks

Product consultants worked with the lab's staff to come up with the best solution that would optimize their space, which included measuring the sizes of test tubes and vials, repurposing the lab's pre-existing shelving, and designing a fully-configured system that would neatly fill the allotted space.

refrigerated storage specimen cabinets on tracks

Once installed, the refrigerated storage specimen racks and cabinets on tracks has:

  • increased the pathology lab's storage capacity by at least 130%,
  • improved turnaround time since staff no longer needs to move several carts to get to the one they need,
  • and provided a tidy appearance with smoother operation, allowing the staff to focus on their work rather than struggle with inconvenient storage.

The lab now processes around 17,000 samples in a 24-hour period. The staff is also more efficient and task-oriented due to the refrigerated storage system's convenience, durability, and efficiency. The racks and cabinets on tracks are especially useful during the night shift, when lab staff must conduct a large number of time-sensitive retrievals. Members of the staff are now able to find the sample they need and pull it much faster. And since they can perform more retrievals in a shorter amount of time, this has improved productivity in addition to making the doctors and patients happier since they get their results faster.

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