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Last updated: April 24, 2018

Pass-thru weapon evidence lockers ensure safer gun handling preventing injury

pass thru weapon evidence lockersPass-thru weapon evidence lockers with gun ballistic storage panels prevent firearm discharge to keep police safe from injury. Experts designed the cabinets in response to a request from a major law enforcement agency. Continue reading to learn how the system's installation and use help the facility protect personnel from accidental harm.

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Accidental weapons discharge seldom occur in law enforcement but can cause serious injury or death. Weapons in custody and logged as evidence can pose more risk to police safety if handlers know little about their operation. Adhering to proper handling protocol ensures officers safety as collected evidence moves through appropriate custody channels. Some, like the featured facility, still desire to have extra assurance and take added steps to protect staff.

Wanting to prevent accidental injury, the agency teamed up with local storage and engineering experts to design a solution the provides ballistic protection. The pass-thru weapon evidence lockers have lockable doors on the front to allow secure deposits. More doors on the back open into the evidence processing area to ensure safer handling during transferal. Personnel maintains the custody chain while handling deposited items that require safekeeping to preserve integrity.

Pass-thru weapon evidence lockers prevent unlawful entry

gun ballistic storage panelsThe agency received two pass-thru weapon evidence lockers in total. Each includes gun ballistic storage panels attached to the back doors to prevent accidental firearm discharge. Personnel working on the other side of the wall avoid injury and safe from harm. "Lock out" features on the systems keep the front and back doors from opening at the same time to prevent unlawful entry into the work area.

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