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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Electrician cable load & pick cabinets sort & organize industrial materials

pass thru lockers service part storage bays

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Pass-thru lockers with service part storage bays provide electrician cable load and pick cabinets that warehouse managers can use to sort and organize industrial materials. Technicians can then access and retrieve items when arriving to work from the other side and have everything needed to do repairs out in the field. Eliminating hand-to-hand transferal, it ensures safe and efficient equipment handling to prevent harm and loss.

electrician cable load pick cabinetsTypical configurations have ceiling panels and measure four compartments high and wide to maximize space while ensuring secure access. Experts can help users customize solutions to meet facility needs, ensuring complete design flexibility. In a sample installation, systems include bins deep enough to protect stored items from dust. It provides supervisors with a safer, more efficient alternative to placing valued resources right on the sturdy galvanized shelves.

Pass-thru lockers with service part storage bays

The pass-thru lockers with service part storage bays can have hinged doors that include simple, yet effective security padlocks to prevent material tampering and theft. While made from industrial-strength welded wire mesh, units allow flexible use in many spaces. This includes everywhere from distribution warehouses and auto mechanic centers to plumbing facilities and beyond.

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