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improving warehouse safety measures

pallet rack backing safety panels improve warehouse safety and employee protectionA leading manufacturer of a variety of brush and broom products stored their finished manufactured products in a manufacturing facility with rows of pallet racks that can be 20 feet tall. Brooms were stored loosely and in storage boxes, which were a dangerous hazard for personnel walking in the aisles below. The manufacturer decided to install pallet rack backing safety panels to improve warehouse safety and employee protection.

pallet rack backing safety panels provide the best option

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The manufacturing facility, like many other manufacturing and warehouse centers, was facing a serious safety problem with the storage of their raw and finish inventory. Products were stored very high on pallet racks while workers and other personnel walked nearby with no protection from the potential of falling objects. Download Pallet Rack Safety Panel RFQ.

To provide the utmost safety and security to their employees, the facility decided they needed to inspect all working areas and high traffic aisles around their pallet racks and find a safety solution that would both protect employees working near these hazardous areas and prevent the potential danger of falling items. 

pallet rack backing safety panels prevent employees from being injured by falling items

The pallet rack backing safety panels provided the best solution for their needs. The panels bolt directly to existing pallet rack uprights with offset brackets. The wire partition panels can mount flush against the pallet rack or with an offset up to 12″ to allow pallet rack overhang. The pallet rack safety panels are a preventative solution that keep objects from falling off the pallet racks, rather than just “catching” falling items as less effective pallet rack netting systems do. These cloth netting systems were used in the past by the manufacturing facility, but the netting would only catch the product after it fell. The pallet rack safety panels, however, prevent items from falling or spilling in the first place. This protects employees and also prevents items and inventory from being damaged.

The installation of the wire mesh panels was also quick and easy. The panels are punched every 6″ so the offset bracket can always be matched to a hole in the rack upright. The old style of warehouse pallet netting required heavy cables and turnbuckles for attachment, which made installations sloppy and more difficult. The simple design of the L bracket connecting the safety panels to an upright is quick and easy. Furthermore, the safety panels were available at a very affordable price.

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