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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Mail hardware or grocery retailer storage cabinets ensure safe parcel handling

package pick up drop off lockersDigital package pick-up and drop-off lockers provide mail, hardware, or grocery retailer storage cabinets smart enough to ensure safe parcel handling and delivery. The systems use secure, convenient technology to alert customers about deliveries. Shoppers can then access the self-service stations to retrieve stored purchases on their own time. Have experts install the units in vestibules to ensure easy 24/7 use and limit wait times. It reduces lines during busy times but still provides customers with efficient service.

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Accessing package pick-up & drop-off lockers

To access the package pick-up and drop-off lockers, users must enter a four-digit pin.  It comes in a private email or text to ensure safe, discrete use. Purchases awaiting retrieval avoid getting tampered with or stolen. Facilities then provide fewer refunds or replacement compensation, lowering profit loss. Customers avoid injury or illness during clean product use and feel more inclined to return. Two-to-12 column wide configurations span floor to ceiling or stretch across an entire wall to maximize space. Unit doors open wide during user access to ensure comfortable, injury-free parcel retrieval. 

mail hardware grocery retailer storage cabinets

Doors: Fourteen total doors, with twelve measuring about 17-1/4" wide by 8-7/8" high and two doors 17-1/4" wide by 17-7/8" high.

Bases: Four-inch high base trim provided, but users must provide base blocking material.

Locks: Secure digital electronic locks with four-digit user pin, five-digit management access code, and six-digit programming code. Locks operate using two (included) AA batteries with enough capacity to provide over 10,000 normal uses. Lock LED flashes to indicate low battery level. Lockers can open with a user master key if batteries have reached exhaustion.

Numbering: 1-1/2" diameter number identification plate located in the center of each door helps users recognize one unit from the other, eliminating retrieval errors.

Finish: Choice of standard Wilsonart laminate with closest matching edge banding for locker exteriors. Attractive almond melamine is available to use on the inside.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited three-year warranty on lockers and two-year on digital locks.

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