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Last updated: February 01, 2016

15' Shelving on Mobile Compacting Carriages

oversize evidence storage box bag shelvingA police department that had been using the same building for 30 years was in dire need of an upgrade in its fast-growing community. The department was able to gain funding for the construction of two new buildings: a new headquarters as well as a much-needed facility to house long-term evidence storage, the canine unit, motorcycle unit, and other functions. Oversize evidence storage and box and bag shelving on mobile compacting carriages were installed to make the best use possible of their space and allowed them to efficiently utilize the building's high ceilings. Click here to watch a video about how shelving on mobile compacting carriages works.

Oversize Evidence, Box, & Bag Storage

Project managers met with staff at early stages of the planning process to gain a thorough understanding of the department's needs for the oversize evidence storage area. The department staff needed to store evidence boxes and bags as well as oversized objects. Detailed projections were made of their expected needs for the next 20 years. Since the new facility had such a high ceiling, shelving on mobile compacting carriages was the perfect solution to take advantage of this overhead space.

mobile compacting carriages oversize evidence shelvingThe final solution was 4-post shelving mounted on mobile compacting carriages, with each of the shelving units measuring 15 feet tall. The mobile carriages used are specially designed with extra durability to handle the weight and size of the system effortlessly.

The 15 foot height allows the department to take full advantage of the building's overhead vertical space, allowing plenty of room for additional storage space and room to grow. The system is completely safe and reliable with recessed rails that provide easy access for a motorized lift so staff can retrieve items from the upper shelves. Click here to see all of our public safety and evidence storage solutions.

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