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Accessible oversized art storage shelving

oversized art storage shelvingA university art gallery was searching for open and accessible shelving to accommodate its collection of long rolled canvases and other artwork. Oversized art storage shelving, featuring accessible long-span frame shelves for artwork, replaced the system original planned. It became the alternative choice for storing the collection because it was thought the mobile 4-post shelving system simply wasn't wide enough to adequately hold larger-sized pieces. It was also believed that the front posts would hinder storage and retrieval procedures, making it inconvenient to use. In addition to oversized art storage shelving, with accessible long-span frame shelves for artwork, we also offer high density compact shelving for artwork. (Watch video)

Oversized art storage shelving for maximum storage capacity

The oversized art storage shelving was designed by fastening two shelving frames together, back-to-back. Cantilever arms, measuring 30-inches deep, were added to its casing to form accessible long-span frame shelves capable of supporting up to 80 pounds of weight a piece. To establish maximum stability, it also included a base that was specially engineered for the occasion. Five double units placed side-by-side, measuring 21-feet long were created to accommodate collection items. Pieces up to 50-inches long fit on the lower shelves, while upper shelving facilitated storage for larger items that extended up to the full length of the oversized art storage system, allowing for maximum storage capacity to be taken advantage of. 

art storage shelving Protective Artwork features

dditional precautions - including a drainage canopy for the top of each unit - were taken to ensure artwork stored inside the oversized art storage system were protected against damage caused by the building's sprinkler system. If the sprinklers were engaged, water coming from there would make its way down to the gutter system and away from the valuable artwork. Additional protective features such as backstops, frontstops for smaller items and custom siderails were added to secure items in place, preventing accidentally movement. Oversized art storage shelving is just one solution for storage that we offer. A wider selection of shelving made for storing art is available online.

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