Solution for Storing Hazardous & Flammable Materials Outside at Your Police Station

outdoor stainless steel lockers storing police department hazardous and flammable material

Police departments and arson investigators require outside storage for items that cannot be kept in the building. Hazardous and flammable materials, bomb squad material, dangerous chemicals, and other items need to be outside in the event of fire or explosion. Because officers on call cannot bring these items back inside, they need a secure outdoor storage option. The solution is our Outdoor Stainless Steel Lockers, which are safe and secure for storing police hazardous and flammable materials. 

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Outdoor Stainless Steel Lockers are Designed to Meet Your Specific Needs

The outdoor stainless steel lockers can be customized however your police department needs them. Different sizes and configurations are available to maximize the storage of hazardous and flammable materials. Sloped tops are an available and useful feature that can be incorporated into the outdoor stainless steel lockers.

outdoor stainless steel lockers with sloped tops for police arson investigator gear storageBecause the lockers are constructed out of stainless steel, they can handle the abuse of daily use and will withstand bad weather. We also offer many different kinds of locks that will prevent unauthorized access to hazardous and flammable materials. Both of these features of the outdoor stainless steel lockers ensure that your investment and stored materials will remain safe and sound.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for outdoor stainless steel lockers for storing hazardous and flammable materials. To learn more, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak to your local representative.


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