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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Convenient OSHA compliant warehouse mezzanine kits

osha compliant warehouse mezzanine kits

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OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Compliant warehouse mezzanine kits with industrial decking, staircase, and guard rails come prefabricated to allow harsh storage environments easy, immediate use. Facilities have everything needed to increase floor space in a neat package, making installation and use more convenient. It provides factories, distributions centers, and retail backrooms with an efficient way to meet employee health and safety standards. Modular in design, users can assemble, relocate, or reconfigure components as needs change to accommodate growth and avoid spending money to renovate or lease space.

OSHA compliant warehouse mezzanine kits

The OSHA compliant warehouse mezzanine kits have many features that help keep personnel safe and enhance value without adding to the cost. These include:

industrial decking staircase guard railsDecking: Decks available with bar grating, perforated steel grating, anti-skid grating, or solid steel grating as indicated on different models.

Stairs: OSHA approved stairway with 36" wide galvanized perforated steel steps durable enough to eliminate dust that can create unsafe, slippery conditions. Overall stairway width measures 5" wider than the stair treads that withstand heavy use and prevent slip and falls.

Handrails: Include mezzanine handrails, kickplates, and stair rails that prevent damage and promote safe, injury-free use.

Weight Capacity: Able to support 125 lbs. per square foot

Finish: Available in attractive colors with safety yellow handrails and kickplates durable enough to fend off dents, scuff and scratch marks.

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

Made in the USA

The storage platforms provide users with a safe way to go back and forth between work areas, reducing on-the-job injuries and improving health. 

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