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Last updated: November 05, 2020

Sooners Football Equipment Room Gets Geared Up with Spacesaver® High Density Shelving and Racks

Go behind the scenes in the Oklahoma Sooners football equipment room to see how they manage and store their football team’s gear. With 1,400 pairs of shoes a year alone, the equipment room staff has an enormous responsibility to ensure they have the gear their team needs.
The football gear is organized and stored in Spacesaver space-efficient high density shelving and cabinets. The Spacesaver high density storage system reduces the equipment room storage floor space requirement by approximately half the space. The high density shelving is able to do this by converting traditional static shelving access aisles into productive storage space. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

How High Density Shelving Stores Equipment in Less Space

The high density storage system mounts all types of shelving, racks, and cabinets, so the team can store multiple types and sizes of equipment. The Spacesaver storage system is designed especially for football gear; from hanging jerseys to hats, shoulder pads, helmets, footballs, facemasks, not to mention all the shorts and socks.

The rolling shelving platforms are placed on floor tracks so they can move sideways along the floor. Each rolling shelving platform is equipped with a three-spoke hand cranking mechanism that easily moves multiple rows of shelving with a simple turn of the handle.
Both the players and the coaches have their own game lockers that contain everything they might need for a game including, pants, cleats, socks, polos, and travel bags. Everything is ready to go for them in one easy to access storage locker.
Having the most efficient Spacesaver storage system helps the equipment room staff meet the needs of the players and coaches while staying organized.

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