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Automated Lean Manufacturing Storage Systems

oil gas offshore automated intralogistics controlIn offshore oil and gas operations, the efficiency of its supply chain and the system used for storage and retrieval is critical for production. Every minute lost to searching for and managing inventory can cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, finding enough space to store massive amounts of inventory is difficult. With automated intralogistics control and lean manufacturing systems used by vertical lift modules (VLMs), you can eliminate wasted space with its compact storage in addition to the many supply chain inefficiencies that traditional storage contributes to. Click here to watch a video showing how the lean manufacturing VLMs work.

Automated Storage & Intralogistics Control

Many oil and gas operations have implemented lean manufacturing methods on a just-in-time basis to eliminate waste in the form of wasted space, excess inventory, and time spent on inventory storage and retrieval processes. The VLMs with automated intralogistics control provide a full solution for inventory management and retrieval. Using its "goods-to-person" operation, the machine delivers requested items to the operator to significantly reduce time spent on searching, traveling, and verifying picks.automated intralogistics control lean manufacturing systems

Less time spent walking, lifting, and carrying items also improves ergonomics for employees. Additionally, the VLMs can be integrated with hoists and lifting devices for handling heavy parts quickly and safely.

In offshore oil and gas facilities, space is limited and expensive. The VLMs, however, allow you to compact your storage and open up your floor to create more usable space. With its height detector sensors, the machine automatically stores trays in the least amount of space possible. While traditional storage needs empty space between shelves to allow room to pick, the VLMs can store trays within 1 inch of each other. This space adds up quickly, providing up to an additional 50 percent storage capacity per machine.

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