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Last updated: June 04, 2019

Copy & mailroom island cabinets promote collaboration increasing workflow

office supply storage casegoodsAs office supply storage casegoods, these copy or mailroom island cabinets include adjustable shelves that allow users flexible access to the available space. Versatile in design, staff can adapt the components as needed to keep everything organized and safe. The open base design further ensures personnel has full access to stored materials fast without putting excess strain on the body. Everyone avoids doing uncomfortable repetitive movements that can cause injury or fatigue to interrupt productivity.

Pick from modular workstations with either two or four separate shelving compartments large enough to store whatever employees need. Any, including tailored-made solutions, have the flexible capacity to accommodate everyday materials. This includes internal communication envelopes, extra fax machine paper, and mailing labels. Use the modifiable, efficient interior to secure these items and more during nonuse. It keeps the counters clean, allowing staff ample access to the collaborative workspace.

Sustainable office supply storage casegoods

Have experts install the sustainable office supply storage casegoods close to an empty wall. Facilities can then use the area in a more productive capacity while still providing employees a comfortable and convenient place to collaborate on projects.

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Construction: Cabinets constructed from 3/4" thick industrial grade 40-50lb substrate, double-faced melamine. All exposed edges covered with 2mm PVC edge banding that provides a clean design durable enough to last. All panels connect with Hafele mini-fix cam hidden fasteners. Base cabinet comes with a laminate kickplate that provides protection against dents and scratch marks, 

Work Surfaces: Work surfaces made from 1-1/16" thick high-pressure laminate that adds durability and an attractive look.

Shelves: Allow adjustments on 1" increments from users wanting to create the most optimal storage conditions.

Finish: Choose from a wide selection of pleasing laminate finishes.

Assembly: Units made up of 30" or 36" wide cabinets that come assembled to allow easier installation and faster use. Cabinets need fastening together and the countertop requires installation.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

Made in the USA

copy mailroom island cabinets adjustable shelvesThe sustainable systems have many eco-friendly features too.  These include:

  • GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality Certified.
  • Particleboard and MDF board fabricated from recycled wood waste material.
  • Cardboard packaging made from recycled materials.
  • Unusable pallets are recycled.
  • All aluminum scrap is recycled.
  • All adhesives used have a water-based design.
  • Products meet low VOC standards.
  • Powder coat paint used on all metal surfaces.

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