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Sustainable office literature storage stations

office literature storage stationsSustainable office literature storage stations or organizers with mail sorter hanger folders and cabinets promote more efficient supply distribution in the workplace. Pick from many configurations, all have the flexibility to accommodate users' changing needs. This includes those found in commercial spaces such as hospitals, schools and more that need a durable yet easy-to-configure solution to improve workflow efficiency.

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Some units come mounted to lower cabinets with extra space to store whatever users need. Those give facilities more than enough efficient capacity to keep everything all in one place, simplifying material consolidation. All systems allow easy reconfiguration to fit specific application requirements, including security or capacity and more.

Versatile mail sorter organizers

The versatile organizers include tear-resistant mail sorter hanger folders and can have cabinets to keep everything organized and safe. System openings can accommodate many interchangeable components without tools, simplifying integration. Some available options include:

  • Lockable and magnetic doors secure enough to prevent material theft and tampering.
  • Drawers that provide added capacity to consolidate brochures, catalogs and more in one convenient, safe place.
  • Dished sort trays to help users avoid sorting errors and ensure more efficient mail distribution.

organizers mail sorter hanger folders cabinetsThe attractive high density, free-standing and rack furniture options have rail suspended folders with snaps to interlock everything together and keep contents safe. Made from durable polypropylene, all can withstand suspension from rail to ensure efficient space savings within the available footprint. A magnified label indexed permanently attached to the front and visible labels simplify organization. Some models include vertical dividers that separate space to ensure efficient use. 

Framework: Cabinet frame designed to support 1,000 lbs. dynamic load. Vertical frame members made from durable 12-gauge furniture steel. Horizontal frame members made from 16-gauge furniture steel. Frame connection joints are flush-mount using flathead bolts and inserted through chamfered seats. Base features non-marring 1 1/4" diameter leveling glides to allow easy site leveling of cabinets. Cabinet side panels, doors, and shelves constructed from 3/4" thickness, 45-65 psi industrial grade particleboard substrates that meet or exceed ANSI standard. Cabinet back made from single panel substrate of 45 psi density MDF, 1/4" inch thickness. Wood cores made from recycled content, promoting eco-friendliness with every use. Cabinet body uses interlocking point-to-point cam fastening system. Cabinet body and interior shelf edges have a .5 mm thickness high-impact material, thermally bonded to all exposed edges.

Sort Modules: Sort modules have a modular design that allows unit configuration in any width/height achievable by combining interlocking bin modules with individual dimensions of 11 3/4" wide x 15 3/4" deep x 14" high (nominal). Modules are easily reconfigured "on-demand" by users (no tools required) to accommodate space and/or system capacity changes. Module manufactured from lightweight, high-strength polystyrene that is recyclable, inert material with zero pH value and zero emissive properties. Polystyrene is a non-combustible and non-toxic material rated as safe for human contact and food storage applications. Backs have a modular design and can be added selectively to each sorting module throughout the system as needed. Closed backs come in attractive gray or transparent color and allow easy installation and removal "on-demand" without tools.

Cabinet Doors: Cabinet mail drop slots measure 12"W x 1-1/2"H. Each cabinet has three slots labeled US, Express, and Interoffice to help users keep everything organized. Door locks are keyed alike to allow convenient yet secure use. Cabinet door edging uses a solid 3mm thickness ABS material, thermally pressure-bonded to all door edges. Hinges have a concealed design that users can  maintenance and remove easily. Self-closing six-way adjustable hinges allow user alignment changes to ensure doors close without gaps. Door pulls with.recess mounting capabilities add a seamless look while helping eliminate premature breakage and ensure smooth operation.

Finishes: Laminates available in many pleasing solid, woodgrain, texture, and abstract styles. Steel framework powder coated in an attractive charcoal black. Sorters come in pleasing light gray or black colors. Backs have a transparent design that allows light in. Hanging folders come in dark green.

Assembly: Systems ship assembled (placement of sorter on the table required) to allow easier installation and faster use. 

Warranty: Lifetime manufacturer's limited warranty on material and workmanship by the original purchaser.

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