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Last updated: June 18, 2018

Parts Tool Storage Systems on Sourcewell (NJPA) Contract

NJPA contract county fleet parts storage systemA fleet management services operation who provides maintenance and repair services to a number of agencies and governments needs to operate 24/7 to keep engines running throughout the county. When their new heavy equipment and transit fleet facility was designed, there was little space for the parts department and tool storage system. Vertical parts shuttles were installed as a tool storage system on a Sourcewell (formerly known as NJPA) contract for the county fleet management's parts department, allowing them to keep their parts onsite and quickly accessible. Click here to watch a video about how parts tool storage vertical lifts work.

Sourcewell & Vertical Lift Benefits

A Sourcewell contract is valuable for many markets, especially government, because it allows customers to work collaboratively with product vendors to select, provide, and manage solutions at the lowest cost. Under a Sourcewell contract, buyers don't need to sift through numerous individual bids and are instead presented with the most beneficial solicitations to provide the highest quality products tailored to their exact needs.

It was under this contract that a parts and tool storage system was installed in the form of two vertical lift modules. When integrated with pick-to-light technology and inventory management software, the division was able to maintain their parts inventory and reduce their storage footprint by 41% (the parts room, which previously measured 9,800 square feet, was reduced to 5,800 square feet).

county fleet management parts tool storage system NJPA

To retrieve a part, the operator simply enters the part number or scans the column and the part is delivered to an ergonomic work tray. This eliminates walk and search time that would otherwise be required with static shelving and bins.

Pick-to-light technology directs the operator to the exact location of the part within the delivery tray. The LED light bar displays the exact cell to pick from as well as the part number, description, issue unit, and transaction quantity. Inventory management software also drives the vertical lifts, tracks inventory levels, and provides real-time inventory reports. Picking and restocking is quick and easy, with the added benefits of enhanced operator safety, productivity, and pick accuracy. Click here to view an infographic about all the benefits of the vertical lift parts storage systems.

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