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Last updated: June 12, 2019

Medical Modular Casework Furniture

neurology department medical modular casework

A neurology department installed new medical modular casework furniture and cabinets to replace their prematurely aging millwork during their hospital renovation. Staff could see chipping and wear in the millwork's work surfaces, and it was because of this and the many benefits of modular casework that the hospital decided to make a change to their furniture and cabinetry. Click here to read about the different types of modular casework furniture.

Casework Features

Medical modular casework's long-lasting durability and lifetime guarantee were major factor's in the neurology department's decision, but there are many additional benefits as well. In addition to the obvious benefits, the medical modular casework offered the hospital many long-term advantages over standard millwork. 

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Clients worked directly with the project architects to develop the design for the imaging room and control room. Impact-resistant banding seals were placed on exposed and unexposed edges of cabinets, and steel kickplates were also placed to eliminate wicking where mold and mildew can grow.revit bim models

Any additions or reproductions to the casework can be completed easily in the future since every piece is professionally manufactured with meticulously archived records. The modular casework can also be reconfigured and reused as the department's needs change, unlike millwork that needs to be pulled out completely. Hands-free faucet technology was installed in the casework to reduce bacterial transfer at the sink, and foot pedals installed in front of the toe kick allow convenient access to water without having to touch the sink itself.

medical modular casework furniture cabinets millwork

In the control room, traditional mail room components with slots under the wall cabinets were used to store forms and paperwork. Custom cabinets that feature grill backs for ventilation and openings for wire access were also installed for storing computer hardware. The neurology department is pleased to have a storage solution that offers both a superior look and functionality that will be in use for years to come.

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