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Last updated: March 15, 2019

Narrow optometry file shelving  promotes maximum space efficiency

narrow optometry file shelvingNarrow optometry file shelving or dental and medical record storage with adjustable dividers help users maximize space efficiency while keeping patient folders organized. As an alternative, use the open shelf systems to store compact discs with soothing music staff can play over the hospital public announcement system. It could help relax those seeking updates about loved ones undergoing surgery.

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Providing this simple service during these often tense times can reduce anxiety in most waiting to hear from doctors. Many feel calmer and can absorb patients' post-operation status with more clarity. Families that can maintain a level head avoid acting out if the prognosis isn't good and feel able to face future treatments. Waiting areas avoid becoming unpleasant, allowing facilities to ensure everyone's safety.

Dental or medical record storage with adjustable dividers 

dental medical record storage adjustable dividersThe expandable multimedia, dental or medical record storage includes adjustable dividers that provide peak space efficiency. Able to move the components, users can optimize the area to ensure folders or media look organized and accessible. Receptionists can see and access stored contents, helping eliminate picking errors and injury during retrieval. Office assistants pull the right charts during visits, allowing facilities to protect patients' health history. Configurations have a tall and slim design that can save premium space anywhere that needs it, including schools.

Construction: Made from 20 gauge cold-rolled steel durable enough to provide lasting reliable service

Dividers: One movable divider included per opening to help users create the most space-efficient storage conditions.

Finish: Durable powder coat finish provides an attractive and clean look.

Assembly: Units over 5' high ship in two pieces and require partial assembly.

Warranty: Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

Made in the USA

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