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Last updated: April 04, 2019

Museum prep tables on wheels offer flexible space savings

museum prep tables wheels

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Museum prep tables on wheels or counter high workstation carts with storage drawers and shelves have the mobile flexibility to save space and more. Units' design combines closed and open compartment space large enough to store tools and boxed collections. It allows staff to consolidate conservation supplies and more all in one convenient place. Once securing everything inside, users can relocate it all to wherever needed and resume repairs in moments.

Counter high workstation carts

The ergonomic counter high workstation carts have storage drawers and shelves large enough to keep supplies safe and organized during transit. Able to relocate systems elsewhere, staff can reuse existing space to do more. Lay boxed collections flat to maximize capacity usage and prevent damage during transport.

counter high workstation carts storage drawers shelves

Organizing smaller tools inside the closed cabinets helps keep equipment separate yet easily accessible during busy times. It simplifies cleanup and prevents resources from getting lost during nonuse, too. Facilities then avoid buying replacements and have the funds to meet other departmental needs while still executing safe collection preservation practices.

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