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Museum cabinet adapted with wheels creates carts with mobile flexibility 

collection storageIn this application, experts fit a specialized counter-height museum cabinet with wheels to create carts with the mobile flexibility to transport delicate items. Smaller in design than full-height cabinets installed on space-saving compactors, the adapted collection storage solution allows users to organize and move historic archaeological artifacts with ease. Their design includes removable doors which ensure convenient access to available space and durable powder-coated steel construction that lasts. Continue reading to learn more about the system's installation and use.

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Collection storage organizes artifacts

The historic institution that uses the collection storage collects, preserves, and interprets their state's original settlement site and first state capital. It also serves as home to the longest-running field school in historical archaeology in the country. The solution made up one of many that experts would help design after receiving a request from the museum's curator.

museum cabinet wheels cartsWith an opportunity to design and construct a new building on the horizon, the curator put in a call to experts who could provide storage solutions. While one needed to store archival records, the other would accommodate the ever-growing archaeological collection. Users access the study collection on a daily basis from full-height specialized cabinets that install on powered compactors designed to save space.

Not one counter-high museum cabinet, but many have wheels that roll so the carts can provide safe transportability between classrooms and collection storage areas. Users can even remove the doors to create collection storage which provides convenient access to space that keeps fragile items organized while moving. The powder-coated steel constructed systems have a clean and durable finish that helps protect and preserve artifacts.

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