Versatile multi-purpose shop tool workstations offer lasting durability

multi purpose shop tool workstationsFor a versatile industrial storage solution that offers lasting durability, multi-purpose shop tool workstations are available in freestanding stationary and mobile configurations. Either option can accommodate many accessories such as storage boxes, shelves, bin panels and lighting that promote storage organization and visibility so users can perform work tasks at an efficient pace that improves productivity. With quick and easy tool-free reconfiguration, users can modify units to match the task at hand without losing the flexibility to make changes as needed. The systems’ rigid structure can support a load capacity that reaches up to 1,200 pounds.

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Flexible storage boxes shelves bin panels & lighting accessories

Multi-purpose shop tool workstations are available in varying shapes and sizes, with each able to accommodate storage boxes, shelves, bin panels and lighting accessories that provide flexibility to create custom layouts designed to user specifications. Among the system features and benefits available are:

storage boxes shelves bin panels

  • Units with frames secured to the ground offer increased stability and leveling glides will allow adjustments to the height on uneven surfaces
  • Use front and rear holes, as well as upright side extrusions to assist with installing and adjusting various accessories
  • Accessories hang using hooks, so users can rearrange them without any hassle or tools to accommodate needs
  • A handle makes moving mobile frame systems from one place to another easy
  • Casters that measure 4″ and 6″ are available to provide units with safe transportability
  • Centered and off-center frames available to accommodate intended uses
  • Stationary frame heights measure 36″, 54″ and 84″, while those available to accommodate mobile frames measure 36″ and 54″ high.

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