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Movable high density systems increase productivity

movable high density powered storage systemsSchools are the place where young minds are shaped and the world's leaders of tomorrow are educated. However, the value of a dollar isn't what it used to be and funds allocated for educational purposes are tighter than ever before. For this reason, educational institutions are constantly seeking new ways to provide students with the best education available. And, in most cases, this means restructuring academic departments, budgets, and classrooms without utilizing additional resources.

Well, that's exactly where a high school found itself not too long ago. Luckily, with the help of an architectural firm, the school was able to reorganize several academic departments and classrooms without adding more space for storage. This was accomplished because the school opted to have several movable high density systems installed throughout the building. With a combination of manual, mechanical assist, and powered storage at their fingertips, supplies for lesson plans, books, and student records could be stored in a more organized fashion. And with items out of sight, a less chaotic environment for learning and working in was created for increased productivity. Click here to find out how to optimize floor space with movable high density systems.

Maximize capacity with manual, mechanical assist and powered storage

The school featured several educational pods with a common area enclosed by classrooms. And inside the individual pods was where ample storage space lay for use in storage rooms. It was there that the movable high density systems found a home and worked to store more in less space. This was achieved because of the way the systems are built. Manual, mechanical assist, and powered storage condenses when set in motion, creating room to maximize capacity. In addition, access to stored materials is better because of the fact that aisles can only be entered once the carriages have moved. This helps to restrict access to just those who are authorized to use the movable high density systems, ensuring whatever is kept there is safe and secure.

How movable high density systems work

high density movable mechanical assist systems storageSo, how does manual, mechanical assist and powered storage work? Simple. Each of these movable high density systems is set in motion with the help of a device which signals for the carriages to shift when activated. Movable high density systems that are manually manipulated require a pull handle. Mechanical assist (or hand crank) systems are triggered to move when a spoke-shaped handle is turned. And powered storage runs when a button is pushed. Click here to find out how manual, mechanical assist and powered storage works.

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