Mobilized Storage Racks Keep Plant ahead of the competition

mobilized storage rack system enhances efficiency in packaging plantCompetition in paperboard packaging is heavy and fierce. That’s why a packaging plant installed a mobilized storage rack system to enhance efficiency and put every square inch of space in their new 246,000 square foot headquarters and manufacturing facility to use.

Storage challenges

In the facility planning stage, it was imperative for the flexo-graphic plates to be located at the point of use. This meant that the existing mezzanine wasn’t going to work, since operators would have had to walk up and down steps to gain access and would slow the process down substantially. Storing the plates farther away from the presses also wasn’t an option. Since the plant wasn’t willing to compromise their efficiency goals, they set out to locate the plates in a room adjacent to the presses. However, the 900 square foot room had only half the space needed to store the plates.

Mobilized Storage solution

The solution was a mobilized storage rack system to maximize storage space. Racks are placed on mobilized carriages that move side-to-side on a rail system. The industrial-grade carriages ride on wheels mated to the rails and can be configured with existing or new pallet racking, shelving, and cabinets. The user decides how many moving aisles their mobilized storage system needs based on worker activity. This eliminates unnecessary aisle space and in turn doubles the amount of storage space available in the same footprint.mobilized storage racks enhance efficiency and save space

The mechanically operated system features five carriages matched to surface-mounted rails with one, three-foot moving aisle to provide access to stored materials. The mobilized system built for the packaging plant is 20 feet long and opens with minimal effort on its ergonomically designed mechanical handle on each carriage. The entire unit is designed around custom-designed boxes that contain tubular printing plates. The boxes are categorized by the customer job number and are all the same dimension for more efficient cube utilization. The boxes sit on wire decks on pallet racking that form the system’s three levels of storage. The width of the mobile racks allows boxes to be stored back-to-back for full access on both sides of each rack. When a job calls for a plate change, press operators only have to walk a few yards to access the system. A rolling ladder is used to store plates at the top of the 10-foot-high unit.

Mobilized Storage results

The packaging plant now uses the mobilized storage rack system to put its very limited and mission critical plate storage to work. The system positions the plates exactly where they’re needed close to the presses to enhance productivity. Operators are easily able to open aisles and gain 100% access to plates at all times, which speeds up the process of plate change-outs. Now it only takes a few minutes to find the plates as originally planned, allowing more press up-time and thus more revenue. By not having to travel further for needed materials during change-outs, they avoid nearly a half-hour of press downtime per day. There’s also no longer any worry about having enough space in the small room because of the space-saving mobilized storage rack system.

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