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Mobilized high capacity system is budget friendly

mobilized high capacity systemThe transportation authority for a major metropolitan city had quite a storage dilemma on their hands, recently. They were at a loss for how to maintain the safe operation of a few thousand buses that cover more 154 routes throughout the area. This is because their current stationary, static storage shelving had exceeded its storage capacity and could no longer serve its purpose to get the job done.They needed another solution and fast. If they didn't, continued service for the people - both in the city as well as the neighboring suburban community - who depended on the buses to carry them to and from their destination would be severely crippled or made worse by having to stop all together. In order to prevent that from happening, the stationary, static storage already in place was replaced with a mobilized high capacity system. It was chosen over other storage methods such as vertical carousels and lifts, as well as off-site storage because it creates accessible and efficient storage space for the growing mix of inventory needed to maintain the buses without going over budget. Click here to find out how the mobilized high capacity system creates accessible and efficient storage space.

How mobilized high capacity system works

A mobilized high capacity system creates accessible and efficient storage space is easily explained through its operation. It only allows for a single moving aisle to open and close when prompted by a three-spoke handle that turns with assistance from its operator. Once the step is completed, improved accessibility is achieved and materials can be extracted from storage efficiently and at a higher rate of speed. In this case, however, storage density was stretched as much as possible and access to stored parts and inventory was available to multiple users at the same time. This is because they had the ability to design the mobilized high capacity system into modules that were positioned on each side of a common central access aisle measuring four feet.

Mobilized high density capacity proves successful for transportation authority

creates accessible and efficient storage spaceThe use of the mobilized high capacity system was a great success for the transportation authority. In addition to improved accessibility, the system lent a hand in significantly increasing shelf capacity and productivity. There was also the added benefit of having the ability to organize and control specific parts by categories and zones in consistent locations. And, improved repair times as well. The mobilized high capacity system also increases storage capacity without having to expand floor space.

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