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Last updated: June 18, 2018

Mobile widespan shelves art and rolled textile racks optimize space

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Mobile widespan shelves, art, and rolled textile racks provide museum collections care storage that compacts to optimize space while protecting rare artifacts. No one knows this better than a county museum requiring a solution that could accommodate this exact need. Experts provided the space-saving systems, which slide over floor tracks until pressed into a footprint that uses half the available space. It allows users to have more capacity to safely store, organize and display valued pieces. User-friendly turn handles visible on some control aisle access to safeguard the environment and the items each row stores.

Museum collections care storage keeps artifacts safe

The facility stored many items in retrofitted agricultural buildings, but that would change with an opportunity to move elsewhere. It made staff want to design a museum collections care storage area that would keep artifacts safe well into the future. Expert in-house engineering, manufacturing and project management teams collaborated with a local distributor to coordinator the project.

museum collections care storage

The museum's new home, a renovated office building in a nearby city, would end up with much more than the mobile widespan shelves, art racks and rolled textile racks. Experts fit the space with assorted cabinets designed to meet specific preservation needs. Some have easy to access pull-out drawers with efficient space to keep delicate flat-file prints or fancy footwear safe and organized. Others feature doors that shield stored items from damaging light and dust.

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