Beer Distributor Increases Keg Storage Capacity In Their Climate Controlled Warehouse Cooler

Mobile Pallet Racking Storage System in a climate controlled warehouse for beer storage

A prominent beer distributor recently installed a Mobile Pallet Racking Keg Storage System in their climate controlled warehouse cooler for their beer storage. Previously the distributor used traditional stationary pallet racking to store kegs, but they were running out of space. Since the distributor stored numerous specialty beers, they also needed to maintain selectivity to access stored beer kegs. To build and operate another climate controlled warehouse cooler was very cost prohibitive, so they needed another option.

The Mobile Pallet Racking Keg Storage System was able to increase their beer storage capacity by 60% while still providing 100% access to every SKU. In addition, the design of the Mobile Pallet Racking allowed the distributor to use their existing pallet racking and their existing counterbalanced lift trucks. The money that was saved by increasing their beer keg storage capacity and reusing their pallet racking was a major benefit of the Mobile Pallet Racking Keg Storage System. (view images of Beer Distributor Mobile Pallet Racking)

How The Mobile Pallet Racking Keg Storage System Saves Space In A Climate Controlled Warehouse Cooler

Save space in a Climate Controlled Warehouse Cooler with Mobile Pallet Racking

The conventional storage systems found in most climate controlled warehouse coolers consists of stationary pallet racks with fixed aisles between each row; whereas, a Mobile Pallet Racking Keg Storage System only needs two movable access aisles. This innovative design allows the pallet racking to be compacted together and greatly reduce the overall footprint of the storage area. To create the Mobile Pallet Racking Keg Storage System, pallet racks are put on carriages with wheels that are mounted onto tracks attached to the floor. The pallet racking now moves back and forth on the tracks to compact together. Click to view mobile pallet rack videos.

When you need access to stored SKUs, simply push a button to move the pallet racking and create an aisle. Typically, the Mobile Pallet Racking Keg Storage System will allow you to recover 50% of your climate-controlled warehouse cooler space that you can now use to increase your storage capacity or use as a revenue-generating area.

Designing and Installing Mobile Pallet Racking Keg Storage Systems for Climate Controlled Warehouse Coolers

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