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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Adjustable slider storage organizers for any application

mobile office supply cabinetsMobile office supply cabinets with file dividers provide adjustable slider storage organizers flexible enough to use in many commercial applications. This includes hospitals, libraries, and schools that have limited capacity to integrate storage. Unlike static alternatives, these modular solutions mount on floor rails to create more space.

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The binder-size heavy-duty carriages move along a leveling track to meet this need. It does not require users to sacrifice future system expansion or relocation flexibility, either. Rather, units can adapt when changes arise to accommodate positive growth.

Mobile office supply cabinets keep materials organized & safe

The mobile office supply cabinets include file dividers that users can adapt to keep everything organized and safe. This includes active patient record folders and more that hospitals want to consolidate in one convenient, accessible space. Units' flip-top doors retract inside when open to save space and have gang lock to secure contents if needed.

adjustable slider storage organizersConstruction: Leveling track, heavy-duty carriages, and specially engineered rubber stops ensure a smooth-rolling movement for the sliding cabinets. Quality construction includes ball bearings and four wheels per carriage. Cabinets constructed from 20-gauge cold-rolled steel durable enough to provide reliable service that lasts.

Dividers: Two adjustable file dividers with each opening or tier section accommodate adjustments on 2" centers, allowing users to create optimal conditions.

Doors: Fully recessed and reinforced door on each section includes black handles and two rubber pads to ensure quiet closing during use.

Finish: Epoxy-hybrid powder coat finish (track floor base comes in black) provides an attractive and clean look.

Assembly: Seven-high units and six-high binder cabinets ship in two pieces and require partial assembly

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

Made in the USA

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