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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Mobile museum drawer tables with huge compartment storage promote efficiency

mobile museum drawer tables huge compartment storage collection care bench cartsMobile museum drawer tables with huge compartment storage provide collection care bench carts that have efficient space to protect science fiction memorabilia. Users can request that it have casters which turn in all directions as the client did here. It allows handlers to manage relocation in moments and re-purpose the area to accommodate other activities, maximizing space efficiency. Other features, like a small thumb latch, keep drawers shut and supplies safe during transit.

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Large in design, experts created the solution to ensure a private cultural institution would have efficient workspace to build, protect, and restore assorted objects. This includes items that reflect the collector's interests in art, music, and more. The collection features everything from costumes and movie props to scale models and more. Continue reading to learn how staff working behind the scenes used the unit to ensure proper integrity maintenance while handling in-progress projects.

Because objects can be quite fragile and wide in size, handlers often need to construct custom housings to preserve everything. Staff much rather work as close to the items' designated storage areas as possible. It ensures safer handling while users put the finishing touches on incomplete projects. Lacking efficient workspace to meet this need, collections managers asked experts to design a large, movable, all-purpose work table.

As an effective alternative, departmental leadership specified that the solution should have compartments large enough to store projects that still needed tending to. The system needed to include drawers that users could lock to keep conversation supplies safe, too. A consultant collaborated with staff to sketch out ideas and then approached colleagues to help streamline the design and manufacture it.

The mobile museum drawer tables have huge compartment storage with an open design that allows users easy access to items stored there. Systems have an expansive worksurface staff use to build supports for movie props and other three-dimensional objects. It even serves as an efficient base that collections leadership use to touch up projects or change frames.

Collection care bench carts protect science fiction memorabilia & save space

The collection care bench carts have ample open shelf space that staff can use to keep in-progress projects organized. Stacking closed-lid archive boxes one on top of the other there allows users to maximize the space while putting it to more efficient use. With tops providing efficient dust protection, stored collections avoid getting dirty during transport to other areas and maintain integrity while users save space. Adding a small thumb latch to the drawers that keep conservation supplies safe and organized provides efficient security to ensure proper material performance as staff work to restore collections.

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