industrial moving live aisle storage shelving with bins movable racks compact to maximize floor space

Mobile Live Aisle Storage Shelves And Movable Aisle Racks Maximize Space

If you are looking for a way to maximize your storage space, we have an idea for you – Mobile Live Aisle Storage Shelves. Southwest Solutions Group® specializes in designing, planning, and installing Moving Aisle Compact Shelving to maximize storage floor space (click here to see more moving live aisle shelving photos).

What are Moving Live Aisle Storage Shelves?

mobile live aisle moving shelves on tracks rolling to compact and maximize storage floor space

Moving Live Aisle Storage Shelves are exactly what they sound like. They are storage shelves that roll or move on tracks and create “moving aisles” or “live aisles”, which means the access aisles are moveable not stationary. Instead of traditional storage shelving that has static access aisles between each row of shelving or racks that don’t move, Live Aisle Storage creates moving aisles when and where they are needed. The moving aisle system compacts the shelving together and you decide how many aisles you want based on your access needs. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Save Floor Space with Movable Aisle Compact Shelving and Live Aisle Storage Shelves

drawing layout floor plan of movable live aisle shelving storage system

With the traditional static aisles removed and your storage condensed, Live Aisle Storage Shelving can save 50% of your floor space. You can add more Live Aisle Storage Shelves and double your storage capacity in the same space or use the newly acquired floor space for more workstations, or you can bring products kept in offsite areas onsite where they are more easily accessed.

Because moving aisles can condense your storage into one easy to access centralized place, employees can spend less time searching for stored products or files. Instead of looking through storage boxes on the other side of the building, staff can centralize files and stored products in one area. Centralizing stored products increases productivity, improves retrieval times, and boosts morale of workers.

Moving Live Aisle Storage Shelving Design and Planning Assistance

Southwest Solutions Group has been serving clients with Moving Live Aisle Storage Shelving since 1969. We have a very long list of happy clients using our Live Aisle Storage Shelving backed by a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Call us today at 800-803-1083 or contact us and let one of our Live Aisle Shelving experts help you design a moving aisle storage system for your facility.