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Last updated: March 10, 2017

Providing accommodation for storing boxed shoe stock

mobile high density retail shop backroom shelvesThree individual stores, which were owned by the same parent company and specialized in the sale of footwear, were undergoing renovations and needed more space for the accommodation of storing boxed shoe stock. This meant having the ability to relocate into adjacent storefronts and sharing the use of a storage area.

It was clear, however, that anyone with a say in the matter would have to take a good hard look at what the stores were dealing with. An efficient storage system needed to be used in order to ensure that proper accommodation was provided for storing boxed shoe stock. Among their storage requirements were:

  • From a collective standpoint, it was essential that the three stores have the capacity to accommodate about 38,000 boxes of footwear at any given time.
  • The space designated as the storeroom would also need to accommodate a great many salespeople, all of which were meant to provide service to a multitude of customers from the three stores at the same time

Under the circumstances, the store's owner resolved to take stock in an installation of space-saving mobile high density retail shop backroom shelves. Ten foot tall 4-post shelving units were mounted on the carriages to double their capacity. Some units even featured custom shelf spacing in order to allow users to maximize the capacity, such as accommodation for smaller boxes of children's shoes. Click here to learn more about how high density shelves work.

Space-saving mobile high density retail shop backroom shelves

In addition to providing quick and convenient access for stocking and retrieval, the space-saving ability of the mobile high-density retail backroom shelves is facilitated by mechanical-assist controls that turn with help of system users. Just a simple revolution of the three-spoke wheel by the operator is all that it takes for the system carriages to shift along floor rails until they roll into a storage footprint of a smaller size to save space. Long poles were also present at the end of each aisle to assist with the retrieval of shoe boxes. Visit our online to see more shelving and rack solutions.

Mobile high density retail shop backroom shelves maintenance & safe operation

mobile backroom retail shelves for storing boxed shoe stockWith the installation of the mobile high density retail shop backroom shelves, the local storage affiliate took to educating staff about the system's maintenance and safe operation. It involved demonstrating the importance of keeping the rails clean and the aisles clear to facilitate the system's unhindered movement.

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