Mobile File Cabinets Replace Credit Union’s Outdated Lateral Filing Cabinet System

Credit Union Mobile File Cabinets

A local credit union was running out of space and needed a cost-effective solution for storing files. Mobile File Cabinets replaced the credit union’s lateral filing cabinet system to provide an aesthetically pleasing look that saves space and improves organization. Also, because the credit union did not have to expand their building due to the dramatic space saving, they were able to obtain a fast return on their investment.

Mobile File Cabinets Improve the Look of the Credit Union’s Executive Area

Mobile File Cabinets Floor TracksThe credit union’s location offered little room for expansion, so when the lateral filing cabinet system in the executive area reached capacity, the available floor space had to be put to better use. Also, because priority was put on the appearance of the area, any new filing cabinet system had to complement the existing décor.

The Mobile File Cabinets provided the additional filing space the area needed and the attractive appearance the executives wanted. The Mobile File Cabinets house the files previously stored in the lateral filing cabinets and provided room for future growth. Also, the color coordinated end panels and canopy add to the subtlety of the richly appointed executive area. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

Mobile File Cabinets Create Extra Work Space for Tellers

When growth created the need for more employees and room for them to work, it became clear that the lateral filing cabinet system that stored member files in the teller area would have to go. To solve the problem, Mobile File Cabinets were installed in the records vault to house the member files. In addition to providing more space in the teller area, the Mobile File Cabinets have improved organization and accessibility of the files.

Designing and Installing Mobile File Cabinets to Replace Lateral Filing Cabinet Systems

For over 40 years, Southwest Solutions Group has been providing Mobile File Cabinets to replace lateral filing cabinet systems for all types of businesses. Contact us today by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message and we will put you in touch with your local representative for a free storage space assessment.


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